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What Happens at the End of the Lease

End of the Lease

Owning a copy machine can be hard in the financial state, especially for small businesses. The supply values and sustenance fees coming up with the original capital to obtain the copier can extend funds beyond profitable purposes. Copier leasing helps in easing the up-front monetary investment and may include benefits in saving financial resources, budgeting concerns and in taxing. 

 All kind of repair and maintenance, including toner and some broken parts, changing the equipment speed, telephone support and on-site fast response time, Copier for rent, Copier Rental, Printer for rent, Printer Rental, Xerox for rent, Xerox Rental and Toner Refill are all included in the Copier Leasing Services.

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 A binding contract and document that you will have with a leasing company or any other financial institution which holds you to the payments of your copier machine as long as you have the machine is what we called the copier lease.

 A Copier Service Agreement is a paper containing a contract you enter in a service provider. It holds the agreement of the services that will be provided and the price at which they will be provided to the expectant customer. There are service agreements that can be cancelled with 30 days written notice. But do you know what hinders some companies from being able to easily switch? The answer is the copier lease.  Copier leases are not meant to be cancelled after being signed. So, what happens at the end of the copier lease?

 When the market value lease has ended, the leasing company will now think and decide what they believe is the fair value of your copier that is based on the original price.  If you would like to keep the copier for some purposes, just pay the company that required an amount of money and the copier will be yours. On the contrary, if you don’t want to pay what the leasing company is asking, then you will let the leasing company know your decision and they will somehow, will send you return instructions via fax or email.

 The return instructions contain how to ship the copy machine and where to ship the copy machine to get it back to them. The ‘’where’’ is probably indicated by the address of the company. The ‘’how’’ is the extra attention the leasing company is asking you to do. For example, how the company wants the copier being packed and how much and what type of shipping insurance they will require you to put on the copier. Indicated also is the date the company expects you to bring the machine at their location.                                                      

 What if the other thing comes around?  What if you are at the end of your lease and you wish to shop around for a new supplier?

If you don’t notify the leasing company of your intention, you could be stuck for another year. Unless you wish to have or buy it. Remember that almost all leases require a 30-120 days’ notice in writing from the lessee (which is you) that you are returning the equipment to the company. You need to write a letter and send it a Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to the Leasing Company. All leasing companies, regardless of place of location, have established their rules and guidelines in the condition that you cannot return the equipment early even if you pay it off. Also, please take note that all leasing companies want their equipment to be in ‘’good working order’’ before it is shipped back.

The best way to avoid some conflicts that may arise in the future in your copier lease is to read and understand the contract of end term clauses in your lease.