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What are the common problems of a printer?

Every machine gets broken or starts being damaged as time goes by due to usage, which is inevitable. These problems might be minimal or not. What’s more important is to be knowledgeable about it. 

This is when you’d be able to recognize if you need to have your printer repaired by a technician.

Here are some common printer problems:

The curse of paper jams

This is perhaps the most common printer problem. It could be that a piece of paper is stuck on a printer roller. It could also be that the printer roller confused two sheets for one and drew them both.

So you might want to take a look at two things, too. One is to check for the alignment of your papers. Second, see if the paper’s quality is good enough.

Printing from a mobile source is too slow or not printing at all.

Notice how your printer prints when using a mobile device vs. a pc/laptop. If printing on a mobile device takes up more time, the connection must be.

It means that either your mobile device or your printer does not have a stable connection with each other. Check if the router’s distance is rooting this problem.

Low ink warning

As technological advancement is pushed for today, more printers are designed to alert you if they are almost running out of ink. The question is, should you still print? 

The only way to identify if the warning is yet premature is to continue printing. If the quality of the output starts to become a shame – then it isn’t. 

These warnings only give you enough time to replace your ink cartridges. Do not disregard such that it prevents you from a more expensive repair charge. 

Printing at a snail pace 

Every printer is good for as long as it suits your needs. However, if they don’t work as they should be, then that is a problem. Printing that’s out of its supposed page rate is a problem. 

First, take a look at the quality setting of the papers you print and change it to low. Maybe this is what’s giving your printer a hard time. Another is that you may disable the automatic duplex setting.

The printer bears a heavyweight on your pockets.

Investing in cheap printers may have charged you little at the initial point. However, you notice that the printer runs out of ink easily. Not just that, the compatible ink cartridge is costly, too.

You may find adjustments to fit the quality of your soft copies to the printer. Also, you can buy another printer that would guarantee you a better experience.

Double Image or Superseding Characters

It’s not even All Soul’s Day, yet your printer is ghosting. This happens when you see an unexpected print of superseding images or characters over or under your supposed document.

This only means that your printer is aged. The component causing the problem needs to get replaced. 

It just won’t print

Last but not least, arguably one of the most common printer problems – it won’t print. 

Be sure to check every plug that’s essential to printing before fuming out. The troubleshooting manual may help you out. 

Final thoughts

These problems are inevitable. This is why you should always check the quality of the printer before investing in it. As it dwells in your place, make sure that the environment is safe for its transactions.


If your printer is causing you more inconvenience than it’s helping, it’s time to find a solution.

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