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How To Tell Your Boss You Need A New Office Copier?

The success of every business is not how the boss invested almost billions just to keep the ball rolling. Sometimes, it is the workers’ attitude towards their work environment. They can spend most of the day in the office, rather than at home. They cling so much, loving their work over something else personal, especially if their work meant a lot to them or their boss, for instance, in an office environment where printing documents is a source of all the task routines. You have to work on the device more often. But what if suddenly your device became defective? How would you tell your boss that it is time now to replace it with a new one for a copier?

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Here are some important hints on how to make that perfect convincing conversation with your boss:

  1. You can tell your boss that it is smart to buy a digital machine because it saves more print per page. The paper wasted for printing documents that are not so necessary should be considered. What about the errors found on something printed or the copied duplicates? You see, these were the things that turned your papers into waste. Give your boss something for an idea that extra savings can add up even in the long run. In business, big or small, every penny counts for a profit. So, it is not just a small idea to think about little things that can save for other things for an expense, but what can contribute to what can do best for the production and the investment.
  1. Tell your boss that energy consumption is one aspect your boss should consider for for-profit loss. Purchasing a new digital copier would save energy because it has technological advancements, so it doesn’t take a long time just to warm it up. It can function well also because it does not need as much energy. High bills in paying energy consumption deduct part of what should go for a profit. It is because some machines consume a lot more than any other advanced technology. Choosing a new copier that equips better to save energy is a plus factor in a business.
  1. You can convince your boss to get a multifunctional copier instead. You can explain the pros of a multifunction copier, such as copy, fax, scan, and print. An all-in-one copier can replace all the machines used in the office. It would be a smart choice for a machine that can make higher production because it meant only more profit also.
  1. You can tell your boss that work attitude could be more positive because it makes life easier. Even if there are volumes of printing work to be done, since the multifunction machine can do things faster, it can alleviate the stress environment in the working office. A positive environment indicates that the working relationship is going smoothly. The give-and-take working relationship between the boss and the employees helps in a positive environment. So, telling your boss that you should need a new office copier makes him realize that you are not concerned about your salary, but more about what the company will get for buying a new office copier.


The world of sales and business is really tough. All the nature that comprises the business as a whole makes every sense. Every drop of a penny meant something really big for them. That is why telling your boss that it is time to purchase a new copier meant a lot also. So, openness to your boss is an advantage because your boss would feel your concern and responsibility to do something for what you work for.