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Copier Leasing: What Factors To Consider

When purchasing or leasing a copier, there are many things to consider. To buy or lease, are you trying to save money? Do you need the latest technology? Should you look at purchasing, or should you look at leasing? This blog post will walk you through those factors and how they can impact your decision to purchase or lease a copier.

What are the factors to look at when purchasing or leasing a copier?


Purchasing a copier may seem like the more affordable option, but that is not always true. The cost of buying a new copier will be higher than leasing one for many years due to depreciation over time. If you are purchasing and your company has less than 100 employees, this could be an opportunity to buy a used copier.


Purchasing a new copier will generally come with more recent technology than leasing one, as the cost of purchasing is often less expensive over time. A lease can be attractive if you are looking for more modern features but don’t want to buy something that may not last long enough or give your company what it needs in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Resale Value

Purchasing a copier opens up opportunities to resell them when they no longer work properly or need replacement parts–even without any depreciation due to use! Leasing a copier does not allow this possibility to consider whether you might want/need an opportunity to sell back equipment at some point before purchasing a machine outright.


Purchasing a copier means you will need to take care of the new machine–performing maintenance, buying supplies and service agreements. Copier leasing services may offer some assistance with this by including it in the lease agreement or maintaining an annual contract for services which can help lower costs over time.

Other equipment needs

If your company has other major equipment purchases coming up soon (i.e., desktops, laptops), purchasing those first before buying a copy machine could make more sense.

Copier Leasing: What Factors To Consider

Upgrades and changes

Leasing puts you on “automatic pilot” since there are no upfront fees like paying to purchase the equipment outright, but when budgets change later down the line due to shifts in staffing needs or office size, purchasing may be the better option.

How often you’ll need copies

If your company does a lot of copying, leasing could work well for you since it’s cheaper to lease than purchase over time (assuming the equipment has been maintained and is in good shape). However, purchasing might be ideal if most of what needs to be copied are documents that change frequently or print can’t happen on demand due to deadlines.

What are the tips when purchasing or leasing a copier?

Copier Lease in Phoenix should provide information about what options are available; ask them if there are any hidden costs such as transfer fees when purchasing at lease termination time.

  • Buying equipment outright is often cheaper in the long run.
  • If purchasing a copier, it’s essential to look for one that includes all the features needed and can still be upgraded as the office needs to change.
  • Leasing technology offers flexibility with minimal upfront costs or risk of significant investments if purchasing equipment isn’t an option.

What features should we look for in a copier?

There are many paper size choices, types, speed variations, and colour printing (or not). Which option works best depends on how much you print each day and how often changes happen within the company that make necessary new copies.

Which is better, purchasing or leasing a copier?

Most business owners purchase their copy machines because they believe this requires less responsibility (i.e., there are no maintenance fees). However, leasing can offer more benefits than just low monthly payments: some companies obtain discounts from third-party vendors by purchasing product licenses with lease agreements; others may qualify for tax breaks for purchasing equipment.

  • Purchasing a copier is generally the less expensive route, but leasing offers an opportunity to upgrade as the office needs to change
  • The decision between purchasing or leasing will depend on your business and individual circumstances.
  • When purchasing a copier, it is essential to look at the monthly payments for financing and how long they will last
  • Leasing can be an attractive option if several people need access to different features or if purchasing means increased operating expenses that may not make sense with only occasional use of those additional features
  • A copier lease allows you to decrease your current budget without having high upfront costs. It also offers flexibility in upgrading as the office needs change.

As always, when purchasing equipment, choose a reputable dealer and have them explain all the options available so that you can buy what best suits your needs!

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