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How to Prevent Your Copier from Conking Out

A malfunctioning office copier can create a lot of headaches. The stress of having one at the office becomes more real if you are trying to beat the deadline and you can’t afford any kind of delay. Aside from causing you some degree of disturbance, copier malfunctions may necessitate repairs, which by themselves can become very costly. What you can do is to avoid things that could cause damage to your copier. By avoiding them, you will be able to save on costs and avoid delays with your work.

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Quality Paper Leads to Quality Copying

If there’s one thing that you need to remember, it is to use quality paper for your copier. This means that you choose paper that has a low amount of debris. Check if shavings easily come off from the paper. If it does, then steer clear of it and find a better alternative. This debris and shavings can accumulate and cause internal copier problems. In worst cases, it will require the maintenance personnel just to fix issues caused by debris and shavings. So always remember to choose quality paper over cheaper ones. You will find out later on that doing so could mean long-term savings.

Keep Ink Cartridge Head Clean

Aside from ensuring that you are using quality paper for your copy needs, you also need to make sure that you clean the copier glass on a regular basis. This will help ensure that no dirt or debris gets stuck on the paper and eventually find its way to the internal components of the copier. As a reminder, make sure that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer in accessing the cartridge. Never forget to clean the ink nozzle. Wipe away dust using a small cotton swab. You can use either isopropyl alcohol or water to clean the nozzles.

The Copier Glass Must Be Shiny Too

Aside from ensuring that the ink cartridges stay clean, you also need to make sure that the copier glass is spotless, free from dirt or debris. This will make your copier glass last for a long time. This will also give you ease and convenience when working with documents since the glass would be free from any dirt or obstruction. You can use a nonabrasive cloth to clean the surface. Utilize a glass cleaner to make it more effective in removing dirt and other debris. Just a reminder, don’t spray the liquid onto the cleaner directly. When you scan or copy something, don’t forget to remove metallic objects that are attached to the paper. Take out staples and paper clips first or else you run the risk of getting scratches on the glass.

Turn Off When Not In Use

Turning on the machine 24/7 means that you are exposing your copier to power fluctuations. These sudden surges in power could lead to electrical malfunctions, which could eventually result in a host of issues with your copier. Besides, if you turn off your machine when you are not using it, you are also saving electricity. So you are preventing your machine from hastily deteriorating and at the same time, you are also getting some savings. Remember to turn off your copier machine when you’re not using it.

Your machine plays a very important role at the office, and encountering issues while you’re using it can greatly hamper your work. As they say, preventing something from happening is far better than looking for solutions to an already existing problem. So remember these tips on how to take care of your copier. These will help prevent unnecessary repairs from ever occurring, assuring you of continuous business operations.