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Black & White Copiers

The introduction of copiers in the market came like a plague to the carbon paper business. It did not entirely close the business out, but they have slowly become irrelevant regarding duplicating documents. The black and white copier Phoenix maintained machines had made this process faster and easier. Imagine how one click of your camera can immediately be printed in as many as you want. The kind of service copiers that brought a whole new meaning to production, these machines are not only designed to copy and print, but to be a multifunctional robot too.

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For centuries, typewriters helped individuals and businesses in making sure communication was running smoothly. Then technology brought in the word processors and later on multifunction machines which are using better software programs. Alongside these changes, the printer also went through its evolution, where modern offices are now producing more and earning more with the help of these indispensable machines.

Multifunction Printers (MFP)

The multifunction printer (MFP) is commonly known as a copier and has since changed the world of business with the services it offers. While it has different features and functionalities depending on the model, its primary functions include printing and scanning. For most of the latest models, the functionalities of fax and email have been added. The features are great, but wait until you check their speed, resolution, and printing capacity.

A survey was done with more than 7,000 correspondents. It was mainly to ask these individuals which of the office devices are more likely to become obsolete in the next five years. The answers received included desk devices (phone, computer, and fax machine), portable USB devices, with some even mentioning cubicles. The survey reflects the impact of copiers in the office. One can already do almost everything with it, leaving no room for the other equipment.

Black and White Copiers

Although the option of being able to produce prints with color is a must for some businesses, other industries like law firms do not necessarily require one because keeping the prints simple is cost-efficient. Also, they do not need a specific type of paper to produce the best quality, unlike color printing.

Black ink, for one, is cheaper compared to other colors. If the business only needs the basics of printing, then this is the best option. There is a lot of savings in it as well. If you calculate the cost for each colored copy at 20 cents with the number of prints you require in a month compared to just 6 cents for black-and-white prints, then you get savings at 14 cents per page.

Technology is offering your competitive business options in the market. You can either opt to stay with your current copier in the office or chose to save more with black and white copier Phoenix maintained machines, instead. The copier is your tool to reach out to your customers, which is one of the most critical aspects of running the business. If prints do not require color, then get rid of your copier and make the switch.