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Tips for Buying Office Copiers and Printers

Do you want to get office copiers and printers? Maybe, you are tempted to buy the first model you have set your eyes on. There’s a need to weigh various options, although it could mean a long way. It feels good to make an uninformed purchase at first. But then, you must consider significant factors before taking a plunge. 

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Below are tips to consider before buying office copiers and printers.

Small Business Use

Determine first the reason behind buying office copiers and printers. Know your office printing needs. And if you operate a big company, understand that the employees’ printing needs may be unique from another. So, take a closer look at the employees’ essential functions using their copier. Begin as you identify the document types that your company copies and prints. This will help you avoid purchasing copiers that do not match your requirements.

Know if you are printing on high-resolution documents. Evaluate further if you are heavy on white and black report types. Think as well about the copier’s response times. Know if you need to print copies at a faster rate. Know if you will produce documents in volumes at the least time possible.

The Cost

You’ll have to pay for operational expenses other than the upfront cost. Factor in the paper, ink, and supplies cost. If you choose a laser printer, it might include powdered toner. An inkjet printer features liquid ink. Think also about the replacement costs. Other copiers work on a 3rd party refills. Moreover, you might need to foresee things and prepare for repairs. Know the cost of copier repair and the length of time it requires to complete the repair.

The majority of copiers feature remote troubleshooting. This feat helps users in dealing with software problems, as this saves you time in doing repairs than waiting for days or hours for the technician to come in.


Before buying office copiers and printers, determine the company’s graphic output demands. Know if your printer copies in full color and if clients like simple white and black effects. If your demands require internal printing, a monochrome copier will help handle the trick. If you want sending documents to a client considering aesthetic value, a colored copier would be a good choice here. If you have enough budgets, invest in the two copier types.

Latest Features and Technology

You must concentrate on the apps and features the latest copiers would be offering. The digital copiers today have their remote features provided. This will enable employees to produce copies although they’re not in the office. Also, include the critical feature called “scan to cloud email. This will allow you to scan a file on the copier and send it to the business cloud network afterward. You’ll appreciate it when sending document copies to recipients while you archive the latter inside the office server. One more feature to consider is a remote control panel. Employees are allowed to operate a copier at a specific distance. 

Voice recognition technology is one feat that’s more cutting edges. This permits you as a user to operate the copiers utilizing voice commands. 

Print Speed

Print speed is one feat to consider when choosing printers. If you will be printing documents on a single page, it’s okay if you have slower print speeds. That’s true if it is a more affordable and smaller device. Search for the ppm numbers if you’re a business and professional user. You’ll get on faster with other tasks with a higher page number.

The print speed may not be that necessary, but it is not just the single factor that can impact turnaround. The format also helps you determine the rate. This is true if you opt for black and white or color printers.

Follow these tips mentioned when buying office copiers and printers!