Copier machines are one of the essential things in an office environment. It had not lost any of its importance since its first release in 1959. Some innovations added to the copier gave it extra perks. These perks soon became features that made the copiers multi-functional. 

Multi-function copiers are now becoming the most preferred type among the rest. Most copier leasing services recommend its types to the clients. Clients, in the same manner, would often pick the same. The reason for it is the wide range of purposes fitted in one machine. 

This brings us back to you. You are also looking for a multi-function copier lease. 

Where will you be using your copier machine?

Before you find copier leasing services in Phoenix, ask yourself if you would use the copier. You may want to ask yourself these kinds of questions:

  • What kind of institution am I?
  • What is the size of the institution where I’m at?
  • Where will I be using the copier lease for?
  • Is your business dependent on the copier?

These questions, though redundant as it may seem, would serve a purpose in your search for a copier. You ask yourself with these to align your needs with the specifications of your printer.

Some copiers work best for the cost of a small business firm. Others need a heavy-duty type of copier for a larger business. 

What brands will bring you the best multi-function copier?

There are quite a lot of copier brands these days. With the constant innovations, it’s no wonder why choosing a copier can be difficult. 

Choosing a brand will improve the alignment of the copier to your needs. Here are the brands that are known for quality copiers:

  • Xerox– You need no words to describe it. Xerox helped pioneer modern photocopying technology. This brand, with its innovations, helped the brand stay on top of the competition. 
  • Canon– Canon is a brand that takes pride in producing quality commercial equipment. On office equipment alone, Canon had been in the equipment industry longer than Xerox. It was only in the 1970s that Canon decided to join the copier industry. 
  • HP– HP dives deep into both the computer and the printer industry. Its cheap yet quality printers helped win the hearts of many small business owners. 
  • Kyocera- You would know Kyocera through its intentional focus on being multi-function. The efforts of the Kyocera into developing a premium copier is incontestable. Kyocera is one of the most recommended products in copier leasing in Phoenix.

Brands aside, let’s talk about the printers that would suit the needs of businesses. Read more to find the best multi-function copier lease for you: 

  • Xerox Versalink C400DN. If you are a busy department of a corporate entity, this copier is for you. Xerox has done it again by giving you a premium product. This copier boasts its mobile-like interface and high color-grade quality. The interface adds to its flexibility by allowing you to print through the internet. 
  • Kyocera Ecosys FS-2100DN. Kyocera’s product has cutting-edge technology to give you a printing speed of 40ppm. This powerful mono-laser printing power also does not consume large space. It’s the best super-printer at the smallest size possible in this list. One thing to note is its ability to upgrade. This allows customization that would suit the needs of its user.
  • Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw. This multi-function copier boasts of mastering old-school. Canon designs the printer by focusing on black prints and clean scanning techniques. The advantage of such is it gives out a significant decrease in cost per print. 

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Innovations make the features in a copier grow. People’s unending need fuel innovations in a copier. Any copier leasing services would immediately recommend a multi-function copier nowadays. This is because of the versatility that it offers to clients. 
Now, clients can have their hands in these premium printing machines. It is, after all, the perks of availing a copier leasing services.