Copier Lease Rates Phoenix Offices Must Grab

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Copier Lease Rates Phoenix Offices Must Grab

Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the United States. It is, in fact, the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents! Imagine the number of consumers and businesses that are in this area. While its early economy was focused on agriculture, it has already developed to become one of the most technologically driven city markets in the US. Phoenix is even currently home to Fortune 500 companies, the most popular of which is an electronics corporation: Avnet. Its current top employment category is in office and administrative support, comprising 17.8%.

From this information alone, you can already imagine how active offices and businesses are in this city! With office and administrative flourishing more than ever, you wouldn’t find it surprising that it is one of the many cities with the highest demands for office equipment and machinery. The most in-demand of which, of course, is the copier.

If businesses in Phoenix continue to flourish, it is wiser for companies to invest in high-end copiers to meet the increasing demand for its services and benefits. To do this, the common myth that high-end copiers are expensive must be debunked. It is time that business owners of Phoenix understand this: Machines for an office need not always have to be expensive to be efficient.

Acquire High-End Copiers, economically

If you’re wondering how a small business owner in Phoenix can own an expensive copier for his office without shelling out a huge amount of cash, then you should read on. Because the answer is not in purchasing, but in leasing! Did you know that already 80% or 4 out of 5 companies in the US are now leasing instead of buying? Here’s why:

Copiers and other technological equipment for an office these days, are easily made obsolete in a matter of two or three years. In fact, in most companies, there is already a quicker and better version of the unit immediately after a year. Thus, to buy them would be impractical especially if you can’t even resell them at a price that is at least half of your purchasing cost. Leasing can even include upgrade, so if you renew your leasing contract, you can already acquire the latest machines at a fraction of a cost! Leasing can also include maintenance. Thus, preventive maintenance of your machine would be one less thing to worry about and one less thing to spend on.

Indeed the friendly Copier Lease Rates that Phoenix Offices can take advantage of will help save so much capital as compared to buying them outright. Companies like Clear Choice Technical Services and Lease Finance Partners offer the lowest rates these days. Give them a call now or look online for a quote of their latest lease rates on sale.