What Makes the Best Multifunction Printers for Phoenix Offices?

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What Makes the Best Multifunction Printers for Phoenix Offices?

An MFP or a multi-function product can also be identified as multi-functional or all-in-one (AIO). It is an office machine that incorporates the functionality of various devices in one, in order to produce a relatively smaller footprint in a home or small business setting. This can also be used to provide centralized document management in a large-office setting for enterprises and huge companies. The usual makeup of an MFP includes having the capacity to Print, Photocopy, Scan, Email, and Fax.

How does one company know what is best for them? Below are factors to consider:

  1. Your Business Needs – although almost all MFPs have the same functionality, not all of them has the features that would match the needs of your business. No matter how expensive and seemingly complete your MFP is, if it doesn’t have that one feature that your business badly needs, it still wouldn’t be the best for you. For example, an MFP that can only hold refillable ink cartridges for up to 10ML of ink will not be perfect for a huge busy office like the government. No matter how good the reviews are for said MFP, if it falls short on one material trait for your company, it just won’t be the best for you and might even, in fact, counterproductive to your daily production goals.
  2. Is it Network Ready – this is important because MFPs are a little pricey compared to ordinary printers. More often than not, a floor would have to share one or two MFPs only. Thus, it is important that it be network ready so that people can easily set it up and access it remotely through printer sharing by other PC’s in the network.
  3. Ease of Use – the best MFP for your office is one which would not give your employees such a hard time operating and using it. “User-friendliness,” as they call it, is essential so that ordinary employees can easily do their jobs and avoid downtime. This also cuts down expenses in training, by a relatively huge amount.
  4. Multi-Tasking Feature – MFPs are bought precisely because of the more than one functionality it provides. But to put it up a notch higher, it is crucial that you know whether a said machine can use all those multi-functionality at the same time, or one has to wait until printing is done before they can receive important fax messages. This is critical because any downtime can be considered as a loss, especially in a hectic office where time is literally gold.
  5. Available Remote Intelligence and Support – this is an essential consideration in times of breakdown and malfunction for it overcomes the need for the physical presence of anyone from the printer company to come over and check up or fix the equipment. Again, it all boils down to saving the company some time and expenses.

At the end of the day, it is not the price of the MFP nor the brand that determines whether it is best for you or not. For as long as it fits perfectly the needs of your company and it is able to deliver, and it meets all criteria as discussed above, then it will be the best.